Writing Prompt

As borrowed from the Writer’s Write facebook page.

Let’s maybe take this a step further… You have to leave everyone behind and relocate to a foreign planet, only once there, it is not inhabited as was thought. How would you use the one item brought with you in order to break communication barriers with an alien race?

Author Selfie!

Long time no post, though I’m happy to say it’s because I’ve been productive. I anticipate much new content to share with you in the future, but for now, a little bit of fun with an author selfie I took with Kevin Hearne – the great author of the Iron Druid Chronicles.

Because it’s not fun if you can’t find others who enjoy writing as much as you do…


Today’s Word

Today’s word comes from a new poem I’m working on… It’s quite a bit longer than any other poem I’ve written, but I’m loving some of the imagery I’m seeing.


(Adjective) In a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined: “crude oil”. Synonyms: raw – rude – rough – coarse.

Weekly Writing Prompt

Some of my best works have come from responding from writing prompts. While some may find them restricting, I’ve found them to be rather liberating. If you can find the balance of not forcing your words, and yet still putting forth the effort to attempt writing something new, you can come up with something you never would have created otherwise. Challenge yourself to think and write differently – take risks!

I’ll be posting writing prompts occasionally to offer up a spark of inspiration for those suffering from writer’s block. For my first post I’ve selected a prompt I used for the Southeast Review writer regimen contest. My creative nonfiction essay that resulted made it to the finalist round for that competition – which goes to show how useful writing prompts can be. Good luck!

An Earnest “Oh!” —  

Irony is on the rise. Today, it seems to permeate culture and art. In contemporary literature it’s hard to find a genuine and well-earned “Oh!” — not of surprise but one of intense emotional expression, as in “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”). Let’s try for earnest “Oh!” today though. Try writing a piece that is so earnest in its tone that the exclamation fits right in.

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